Colombia houses for sale: Amazing estate - 2 Houses & more!

Colombia houses for sale: 2 enormous houses with (warm) water, forests and waterfalls. 14.7ha with fruit trees, ideal for eco-tourism & glamping


Imagine yourself in this paradise – Colombia houses for sale

Exclusive Estate





Colombia houses for sale 

  • 40.000m² Forest
  • Spectacular 360° views
  • 30min. from Cali 
  • 14,7 ha

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Exploring the Landscapes of Colombia

If you’re looking for house in Colombia for sale, you’re in for a treat. The country is home to a wide range of diverse landscapes, from tropical forests to rolling hills and snow-capped mountains. One of the most attractive regions for buying an estate is Cali, known for its vibrant culture and thriving economy.


Discovering Cali: A Thriving Region for Estate Investments

Villa Carmelo, located in Cali, offers a unique opportunity for those looking to invest in a property with the potential for ecotourism and sustainable living. The region is surrounded by Los Farallones de Cali National Natural Park, which is home to stunning waterfalls such as Cascada La Reina. The park is a popular tourist destination and provides ample opportunities for eco-friendly tourism, such as glamping and adventure sports.


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Colombia houses for sale
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